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High-Performance Building and Sustainable Development | GEM is Your Partner for Financing Solutions

Builders and Developers in today’s financial market are challenged due to banking capital reserve caps and regulatory underwriting requirements.  Our real estate development community needs the capacity to bridge their projects and quickly scale and grow their company with new inventory.

Builders and Developers also need financial partners that they can trust and that understand the principals of sustainable development and high-performance building, and encourage a new paradigm and evolution of building products to meet the highest potential performance standards and best land use.


How can Green Energy Money Help?

GEM takes pride in structuring debt for projects that create viable funding options for high-performance development projects for developers, builders and small real estate investors.

Our approach is simple; we offer one-stop and end-to-end financing solutions for sustainable development and high-performance building.

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between available debt institutional banking models to a new private capital investment financing model that supports the cost to build, buy, renovate, and develop real estate projects.

 With decades of combined experience and billions in assets,TFSB’s regional and national strategic financial alliances, partners and investors specialize in land development financing, high-performance building construction, competitive permanent take out loans, fast funded portfolio money loans.

Our strategic alliances provide mortgage banking and investment banking services. We offer both institutional banking and private capital for Real Estate projects enabling our Clients to make the best choice in capital structuring (real estate equity) specifically in the high-performance, multifamily and residential real estate development space.

Land Acquisition-Development Infrastructure

We offer financing from $2,000,000 to $50,000,000 on single-family, multifamily and mixed use projects nationwide:

• Acquisition & Development Infrastructure
• Lot Sale Programs
• Refinance, (cash out allowed on qualified projects)
• Purchase, (cash out allowed on qualified projects)
• High Leverage Financing
• Participating Debt
• Hard Money/Fast Funded Loans
• Joint Ventures
• Development Agreements
• Non-recourse Loans
• Single-Family, Multi-Family, Mixed Use Projects

Interest rate and terms vary for land and construction loans and can only be quoted after initial submission of supporting documentation of the project.

Request Information

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Click to View | Preliminary Submission Documents

Executive Summary, Project Overview (2-5 pages):

a. Overview of project, brief description

b. Purpose of Loan, acquisition, land development, infrastructure, vertical construction

c. Use of Funds

d. Description of Property

e. Site Description

– Project type (land acquisition, development, vertical construction, spec, presale)

– # Units, lots

– Square footage of homes, proposed price upon completion
– Location to transit, hospitals, schools, etc.
– Amenities (infrastructure, parks, community attributes, club house, recreation, gardens, etc.)

f. Builder, Developer experience

g. Financing Request – LTC, LTV

h. Market Overview Summary

i. Current market timing, sales

j. Demand, inventory (shortage, etc.)

k. Average price sq. ft. comps vs. project sq. ft. sales price

l. Proforma Spreadsheet

m. Land acquisition cost or equity participation (cross collateralization details if applicable)

n. Infrastructure Costs

o. Vertical Construction

p. Resumes for Principals-Partners

q. Recent-Past Pipeline Recent Sales, Construction, Development Projects Completed, Sold, on Market or Retained

Click to View | Final Submission Documents – Once Terms are Accepted
  1. Most Recent 3 Years Business Returns (some of our investors may require personal returns & statements, even though it’s non-recourse)
  2. Current Balance Sheet, P&L for Business through 2015 & 1st Q 2016 if applicable
  3. Articles of incorporation for business (include EIN#, letter of good standing from Secretary of State)
  4. Current Builder’s Liability Insurance Policy
  5. Land purchase contract, include legal description
  6. Land Survey
  7. Plans, specifications
  8. Current valuation on free-and-clear land (HUD 1, Deed, survey, legal description)
  9. Development docs, agreements, covenants, restrictions, etc.
  10. Environmental Studies
  11. Entitlement Documents, city, municipality permits
  12. Tract Map

“The GEM and Federal Savings Bank team was thoroughly knowledgeable about all of the ins and outs of green and sustainable building and how to properly construct a loan program that embraced our approach to building (rather than penalizing us for going green the way the other lender tried to do), including our insistence on using only 100% rainwater collection for all of our water needs. Their thorough, customer-centric approach ensured we were guided down the most efficient loan path. I would highly recommend them for anyone contemplating building a green home.”

Tom Kolnowski


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